To choose Agri Confiance is to opt for the assurance of consuming products that are both good for the planet and respectful of producers. With Agri Confiance, become a Consum'Actor involved in responsible and sustainable agriculture at all levels.

  • Agri Confiance

    the label for uncompromising enjoyment

    • Agri Quali

      Agri Confiance guarantees quality and traceability through an independent organisation: eating Agri Confiance products means being assured of eating certified products.

    • Agri Solidaire

      To consume Agri Confiance products is to consume products coming a social and sustainable economy.  A cooperative system based on the principles of fairness and social utility: French products that promote the development of the local economy, energize the local territories and give value to our land. Choosing Agri Confiance means supporting French producers.

    • Agri Durable

      For Agri Confiance, producers must comply with strict specifications. For example: respecting animal welfare, preserving our territories and the environment by developing biodiversity, using water resources responsibly, using sustainable farming techniques, etc. Relying on Agri Confiance means encouraging an agriculture that respects our planet.

4 pillars of commitments*

to meet all consumer expectations

Qualité garantie
  • French Origin
  • Certified traceability and quality
  • Controlled food safety
  • Transparency of practices
Soutien des agriculteurs et des territoires
  • Solidarity and fairness : cooperative model
  • Local employment and local economy
  • Community involvement
Préservation de l’environnement
  • Limitation of the use of inputs
  • Biodiversity
  • Soil conservation
  • Preservation of water resources
Favoriser une approche du bien-être animal
  • Supervised breeding conditions
  • Reduced use of antibiotics
  • GMO-free food (< 0.9%)
  • Outdoor breeding preferred
* All of these commitments are progressive according to levels