Agri Confiance products are produced using low-input practices that preserve biodiversity, soil and water resources.

86% of French people want to consume in a more responsible manner
- Kantar World Panel, Les enjeux de la Grande conso Perspectives 2019

environnement asideIn environmental terms, Agri Confiance® is based on the implementation of a certification respecting the Afnor NF V01-007 standard: "quality and environmental management system for agricultural production". In concrete terms, this standard, to which compliance is monitored by independent bodies, influences and reorganises the practices of Agri Confiance® committed farmers.

In addition, each cooperative agrees to :

  • Raise awareness among its producers about the protection of pollinators
  • Adhere to plant protection initiatives
  • Optimize collections in a way to reduce their carbon footprint
  • Recovering and recycling waste
  • Choosing alternative cultivation techniques to preserve the soil
  • Establishing flowering fallows that promote biodiversity