At Agri Confiance, as producer-cooperators, we believe that it is possible to feed people well while respecting our land and territories.

No need to compromise between quality, preservation of the environment, animal welfare or solidarity and fairness. Our cooperative model allows us to speed up the transition towards an increasingly responsible and sustainable agriculture.

Agri Confiance is the guarantee of making the right choice.



  • Creation of a biodiversity observatory in partnership with the University of Montpellier.
  • Decrease in salaries.
  • Selection of low impact products.


Caves de Rauzan

  • Stopping CMRs
  • 0 chemistry experiment
  • Creation of a biodiversity trail


Les Vignerons de Tutiac

  • Planting of hedges and flowered fallows throughout our vineyard to develop biodiversity
  • Signature of good neighborly charters
  • A vineyard 100% without CMR products


Alliance Bourg

  • Limitation of chemical inputs
  • Use of organic control products
  • Promote the maintenance of biodiversity elements: conserve isolated trees / hedges ...

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