“Candia belongs to the leading French dairy cooperative group, Sodiaal, which collects 4.7 billion liters of milk in 70 departments. Created in 1971 by its breeders, Candia has become emblematic of the French milk market thanks to many original initiatives that have marked the history of milk: UHT bottles, flavored milk, milk enriched with vitamins, growth milk, and organic brick aluminum free. Today, Candia offers 100% French and solidarity cooperative milk. With its "Cooperate for better milk" program, Candia is committed to the development of a sustainable dairy industry for future generations.

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  • Superior milk quality
  • Respect the environment
  • Well-fed cows

Products :

Grandlait ½ écrémé

Grandlait Frais entier

Grandlait Bio ½ écrémé