Present for over 50 years, Paysan Breton is a brand of our Eureden cooperative. We are proud to be part of this industry. Our teams put all their expertise to work to prepare and freeze the best vegetables grown in the open fields by our partner farmers and harvested in the middle of the season. In a process of permanent progress for a sustainable future, Gelagri - Paysan Breton is positioned as the leader in agroecology. Alternative operating methods are developed and multiplied in order to produce better with less and to minimize the overall impact on nature.

We invite you to discover and make taste our casseroles and frozen vegetables Paysan Breton and thus contribute to the development of Agri Confiance and the Agricultural Cooperation. Enjoy your meal!  

  • Use of an optically guided cultivator to reduce the use of inputs
  • Crop surveillance drones in order to monitor possible diseases, define water needs ...

Products :

Le duo de carottes rouges et jaunes

Le Brocoli

Haricots Verts Extra Fins Cuits