The Cave Robert et Marcel located in Saint-Cyr-En-Bourg was created in 1957 and today brings together 153 winegrowers, and represents each appellation of Saumur and Bourgueillois. The cellar has been committed to an environmentally friendly viticulture approach for over 15 years.

From 2002 the cooperative began with specifications common to the vineyard, the objective is to allow optimal traceability, less chemical weed control, less pesticides.
Since 2008, a partnership with the Saumur Champigny union has enabled the planting of 150 km of hedges with the aim of preserving the natural regulatory mechanisms of the wine-growing ecosystem. All these commitments thus allow the cellar to become in 2013 the second cooperative cellar to obtain, via Agri Confiance, level 2 recognition of environmental certification.

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  • Input Reduction Progress Group
  • 150Km of hedges planted in Saumur Champigny
  • Use of plant cover to protect flora and fauna

Products :

Saumur Blanc "Les Pouches"

Saumur Rouge "Héritage"

Crémant de Loire Blanc Brut "De Chanceny"