This cry rallies us, we who are 700 winegrowers from both banks of the Gironde. We are Tutiac and what unites us is life, wine, work and our fraternal spirit of cooperation.
Our terroir is one of the most beautiful, the most varied, nuanced, sappy and the most amazing vineyards in the world! We have been working it with responsibility, respecting its naturalness, for generations. Bold, obstinate, obsessed with quality, we offer unique pleasures to gourmets all over the world, in all the expressions and traditions of Bordeaux: from Blaye to Sauternes, via Bourg, Fronsac, Médoc and Graves ...
This is all Tutiac. That's all us, All Bordeaux!

Find us on: http://www.tutiac.com/fr/

  • Planting of hedges and flowered fallows throughout our vineyard to develop biodiversity
  • Signature of good neighborly charters
  • A vineyard 100% without CMR products

Products :

Blaye Côtes de Bordeaux Tutiac Rouge 2018

Blaye Médoc Tutiac Rouge 2018

Côtes de Bourg Tutiac Rouge 2018