Since its birth in 1902, Wolfberger has continued to play a major role in the development of the Alsatian vineyard, tirelessly pursuing its quest for excellence and authenticity. This cooperative house respects the precepts that have presided over the existence of this group of winegrowers, eager to produce quality wines together. When the wine planet finally discovered the riches of the Alsatian terroir in the 1970s and saw the birth of Crémant d'Alsace, Wolfberger was already well established in its territory. Always at the forefront of technology and backed by visionary commercial development, Wolfberger quickly made its Alsace Wines, Crémants and Eaux-de-Vie known beyond the oceans.

Today, more pioneer and proactive than ever, Wolfberger is committed to a third path of sustainable viticulture which is based on real technical and rigorous choices freeing themselves from preconceived ideas and esoteric practices without scientific basis.

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  • Sophisticated weather stations for optimal control and reduction of applied doses
  • Use of biocontrol products that stimulate the natural defenses of the plant of natural origin
  • Plant cover to maintain soil fertility

Products :

Seigneur Riesling 2018

Signature Gewurztraminer 2019

Pinot noir 2018