The history of the VPLSE begins in 1938. It stems from the desire of winegrowers to come together, to pool their strengths, their production tools and to create a common winemaking center. The cellar has been modernized over the years and the pooling of resources has enabled technical improvements, the installations are regularly modernized.
The working methods are more precise and modern than ever, they are part of a CSR approach.
Today the VPLSEs work on six of the most prestigious appellations of Bordeaux (Puisseguin, Lussac, Montagne, Côtes de Bordeaux, Bordeaux Supérieur and Bordeaux), and represent around 170 members on an exploitable surface which is close to 1000 hectares, they produce wines pleasant and gourmet that reflect their daily work.

The Agri Confiance certification reflects all the advances, it combines the preservation of the territory and the terroir, with the commitment of the winegrowers belonging to the Cellar.

We measure and control through fifteen indicators the impact of our activity on the environment such as the reduction of water and energy consumption, the monitoring of our waste, the preservation of biodiversity thanks for example to planting hedges or setting up an insect hotel.

Find us on :

  • Plant cover (green manure) to preserve biodiversity but also to provide the vines with a better balance
  • Birdhouses and insect hotels to also promote biodiversity
  • Planting flowered fallows and hedges in favor of biodiversity

Products :

Renaissance - Lussac Saint Emilion

Péraclos - Montagne Saint-Emilion

Elronde - Puisseguin Saint-Emilion